Catering & Event Planning in the Roaring Fork Valley


Emily Nolan   //   Chef Mark Hardin


Mark Hardin


Chef and owner Mark Hardin moved to Colorado 10 years ago. He was raised in Ohio where his family had a garden and he spent the summers picking veggies with his family. “We would have so many tomatoes we couldn’t keep up!” It was here that he learned to preserve foods for the winter months and the benefits of having those ingredients year round.

After attending culinary school in Cincinnati, his love for the outdoors brought him to Colorado. He spent several years learning the finer points of the craft from some of the Roaring Fork Valley’s best chefs. He also saw the importance of eating healthy food at a time when more and more food was being commercially produced. He now focuses his efforts on making seasonally inspired dishes using local ingredients. He will also throw in a few surprises from foragers, farmers, hunters, and fishermen he has met along the way.

When he is not in the kitchen you can find him on the local trails, on the river, or in the mountains.


Emily Nolan


A native of Minnesota and a hospitality graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Stout Nolan moved west in 2000 and immediately fell in love with the mountains. Nolan diversified her hospitality expertise in Jackson Hole at the Four Seasons and the Teton Pines Country Club before starting the ProStart program at Jackson Hole High School. During that time she discovered a passion for event coordinating while learning with a successful operation in the Teton Valley. Emily’s leadership roles in Aspen include Viceroy Hotel, Jerome Hotel and Ritz-Carlton Club. While planning her own DIY mountain chic wedding, Nolan met Mark and they realized they could fill a niche.  The goal is simple; create lasting relationships with people while sourcing locally from the best there is to offer. Nolan loves working with people and claims the excitement is in the details. When she is not finding ways to wow your guests, Emily likes to spend time exploring the mountains, sipping wine and visiting local farms with her husband Will and their dog Tchopper. 


AT Field 2 Fork Kitchen, we strive to connect our community through food. With over 20 years of experience, we create memorable events that bring people together and wholesome dishes made with the best ingredients. By working directly with regional farmers that pour pride and handwork into their craft, we design custom menus that highlight vibrant local flavors to bring a unique dining experience filled with organic, sustainable food.